eGuide: Protect Your Kids from Online Predators

If the average time kids spend online has doubled since the pandemic started...⁣

AND the online crimes against kids have doubled as well...there is no time better than NOW to discover how to protect your children.

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I want to protect my kids!

Knowing your kids are online with the threat of predators is nerve-racking because you want to protect your kids but you don't know where to begin...

Don't worry, I got you! I made this guide just for you to get some peace of mind  😊

I want the eGuide!

This guide is for you if your child...

💥  Loves to game online and talk to new and old friends

💥  Takes classes or does homework online

💥  Watches videos or browses the internet

💥  Uses social media

💥  Talks to friends and family via email/chat/video

This parental safety guide is valued at $97 but you're getting access to it for $27!

If you ever asked: "How do I monitor my kid?" or "How do I control what they can see?"...

Then this guide is for you!
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Myths about protecting your kids online
We have to face it...we live in a different age.

The rules that applied to many growing up doesn't apply for your kids today.

And when we repeat these myths we run the  risk of keeping kids unsafe online....

Simple security & safety tech controls
Yes I know! I said tech and controls.

I promise that it won't be a rocket science project.

It may not be easy at times but it will be simple and effective.

What you and your kids need to know
Not everything is myths and tech...somethings can be done in simple conversations.

Once you smack that button I can send you all the talking points you need to get started.
I don't want to be rude so here is a little about me...

I help mothers protect their kids online.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching thousands of people online security & safety, hosting lunch and learns, and presenting keynotes on this subject. 

I’ve been honored to have my work featured in Forbes, Cisco, NASA, TripWire, Infosecurity Magazine, FOX 25, FOX 46, The Grio, Yahoo!, AfroTech, and many more.

I've also been named one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 and the Cybersecurity Personality of the Year 2020.

And I'd love for you to be the next parent I help protect their kids online 💗

Ready for the simple ways you can protect your kids from these crazy predators? 

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Girl yes I need this!!
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